An Earth Friendly Painting Contractor
Thank you for wanting to choose an eco-friendly painting service. Together we will lessen the impact that painting your home or office will have on our shared environment.

Only natural, safe and non-toxic materials used
Improve your indoor air quality when we use naturally derived, non-toxic, no or low VOC paints and stains.

We Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle!
Our goal is to minimize the waste that is created from your project. Paper, plastics and other materials to protect your belongings are all either recycled or reused.

Protecting our Water
When washing out our equipment we are conscious of water conservation and also minimizing paint run-off to help keep our local rivers and lakes healthy and beautiful.

Work Vehicles
The emissions on the work vehicle used for projects are offset by TerraPass. Also as an avid bicycle rider, the bicycle is an emmision-free mode of transportation that I travel to estimates, meetings, etc. by bike.
Learn how to offset your emissions at

Chicago Center for Green Technology
Completed certificate program in Building and Construction Management.

Facts about the importance of your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
* According to the E.P.A., Indoor air quality is one of the top 5 leading health risk issues in the United Sates. And one of the leading causes of that problem are the paints, stains and finishes we use in our homes that all contain VOCs.
* VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are what causes the smell that common house paints let off while in use, and after. These vapors can cause respritory problems, headaches and other health problems.
* Expectant mothers and families with small children are highly recommended to use safe and non-toxic paints.
* Also, when VOCs are released, these compounds react with the natural sunlight to form smog and ozone.
* Smog contributes to respiratory problems, trees are damaged and it contributes to the growing problem of global warming.
* To learn even more about the toxins used in traditional paints and building materials, visit, where you will also see us on the member page.

At Home...
Choosing a painting contractor that is truly environmentally minded at work and at home is very important to ensure that your money spent will continue to work for our environment and our community. At home my wife and I are very aware of water and energy conservation, recycling, re-use, minimizing our waste, composting, buy local and are constantly striving to leave the smallest of footprints that we can in our daily lives.

Chicago's True Eco-Friendly Contractor
By implementing all the different aspects listed above, we know that we are truly a Green Painting Contractor.

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